William Acker of Miami University – An Unwavering Loyalty to Jeep Vehicles

William Acker of Miami University sells auto parts for a living. Having quickly become a known expert in the field of auto parts, he has come to learn and know the best factory and aftermarket parts that work the best on his customized and rebuilt Jeep C17, what he considers to be his pride and joy. Acker, who has had an affinity for Jeeps since early on in childhood, continues to tweak and wrench on his beloved off road masterpiece, and to keep his Jeep in the powerful and torque-driven shape in needs to be to cruise through, over and beyond any terrain that stands in his way.

William Acker of Miami University takes considerable pride in his Jeep C17, a vehicle he spent years to rebuild and restore to the condition it is today. Though, as he would say, the vehicle is still a work in progress, the C17 now possesses a brand new steel differential cover, 36” off-road tires, a powerful tow winch and numerous other accessories that have made it the envy of the neighborhood. Originally purchased from a junkyard, the Jeep can escape even the most adverse and sticky of situations, and can take on whatever terrain or conditions Mother Nature happens to throw its way.

Florida, as William Acker of Miami University knows, is loaded with unique and scenic trail systems, providing both him and his C17 multiple opportunities to take on any number of four-wheeling challenges. Now sticking out in orange camouflage paint and shiny steel components located at various points throughout the vehicle’s body, Acker’s Jeep is an intimidating presence amongst even the most daunting and imposing of competitors.


William Acker of Miami University: How to be a Good Salesperson

William Acker of Miami University’s success in sales was not something that was planned from the get go. As a matter, he didn’t decide he wanted to be in sales permanently until after receiving his associate’s degree in history, and realizing that his parallel experience as a sales employee might lead to more lucrative things than his fanatical knowledge of the Civil War. Nonetheless he has thrived in the business world, making his way to become the top salesman in his company while also putting in another four years of education to eventually receive his business degree. Below, William Acker shares some wisdom on how you, too, can become a sales success.

Know Your Product

In-depth research abilities is actually a skill William picked up while studying history, however it is nonetheless relevant in a sales position. Having expert knowledge of your products gives customers faith in your opinions, which is great for up-selling and gaining loyalty.

Know Your Client

Sales is all about being a good people person and that includes being able to make accurate inference about someone based on their mannerisms, appearance, etc. Get to know your clients beyond what is seen on the outside, and you’ll gain an even greater sense of confidence from your customers.

Follow Up

Keeping in touch with clients after making a sale and ensuring that everything meets their standards is a way of telling them that you care and you want them to be satisfied so they will come back. And more times than not, it works.

William Acker of Miami University Does Outreach

As an individual who is always looking for ways to give back to his community, William Acker of Miami University is a young business professional with a philanthropic soul, making him and other like him a crucial asset to any neighborhood. William has a soft side for homeless populations, sick children and more, and it shows through his hardened efforts to better the lives of every single person that fits in these categories in this area.

It all started when he was much younger, and worked in his first soup kitchen as an outreach event for his church. There, he connected with some of the homeless individuals and heard their stories of loss and suffering. These stories stuck with William, and as he grew older he became more and more involved in homeless outreach efforts. He now helps soup kitchens by driving Jeep around town and picking up all the foods donations from several generous companies and organizations. He then drops the food off at soup kitchens around town so they can use it to cook their meals at night.

He also helps a number of charities by putting his athletic prowess to use, as both a means of fundraising and inspiring others to live a healthy life. He often runs in marathons and charity events as a way of engaging in one of his favorite hobbies while bettering the lives of people in his community. William Acker is a giving individual who wants to make the world a better place, one problem solved at a time.

William Acker of Miami University’s Running Lifestyle

Throughout all of his upbringing, William Acker of Miami University displayed high levels of energy and a knack for physical exercise. He had played football, soccer, baseball and basketball in his much younger years, but then developed an affinity for golf at the age of 10. Having transitioned to such a slower pace of sport at such an early age, William still had plenty of energy to burn but no longer had the time to do so through the training schedule of a team sport. He had to find something he could do on his own watch so he could better manage the ability to form a routine. And that’s how William Acker became a runner.

He started going on runs around his neighborhood once a week. Once he had set a solid pace, he then started going to or three times per week. It wasn’t long before he was running every single day. Running was a great conductor of his health, and has given him the toned body shape that he maintains to this day. When he was in college, he participated in leisurely running clubs that did jogs through campus every morning; and through the members of that group William found a way that he could enjoy running while still giving back to his community.

Now, he participates in marathons and races for charities, the outlet for outreach he has always been looking for. He can now do something he loves for the betterment of his community, which gives William Acker great pride.

William Acker of Miami University: Golfer by Hobby

William Acker of Miami University has always been an athletic personality, and displayed his skills in football, soccer, baseball and basketball as a kid. While he enjoyed all of them and performed exceptionally well in those sports, he never developed nearly as much passion for them as he did golf. He first played golf when he was ten years old. His father taught him the fundamentals and etiquette of the sport, and William adapted very well.

Since that first lesson, William had become attached to golf, and it wasn’t long before his dad started coming home from work on a daily basis to see his clubs disorganized and tampered with, and his back yard laden with divots made from his son’s wedge training. His dad decided he had enough, and signed William up for a junior golf league at the local country club.

At the time, William had never played golf competitively. But he seemed to take to it quite well. He started winning tournaments and trophies, which boosted his sense of confidence as well as his desire to keep sharpening his skills.
When he went off to college, his love for the sport had taken more of a leisurely role. He played in the Miami Community College’s golf club, but engaged in less competition and mostly just practiced with the squad. He found himself so busy in his academics that he was forced to choose between pursuing life as a professional golfer or salesperson. So he chose to keep his business separate from his pleasure, and is now in sales while still playing golf for fun.

William Acker of Miami University: A History Buff

Before William Acker of Miami University was a sales professional, he was obsessed with history, and even had received an associate’s degree in history from a Miami community college before deciding to pursue a bachelor’s in business. Like many things in his life, William Acker thought this to be a separation of business from pleasure; as in, he wanted to make more money and decided his favorite subject might not be the most optimal means to get there.

Nonetheless, William Acker keeps his deepest interests in his pocket, and is always using his knowledge of history to his advantage. His research skills help him in his professional life, as he is perhaps one of the most informed auto parts salesmen in the industry. Not only is his knowledge of brands and parts superior, but he often wows his customers with his knowledge of American history and his ability to draw civil war references whenever appropriate.

As someone who knows how to keep his skills sharp, William Acker continues his history education as part of a daily routine. He often reads history books, to the tune of one or two per month. He also watches Jeopardy, and can answer almost all of the history questions. For the ones that he can’t answer, he writes them down and makes sure to do some extra research on that topic. He hopes that one day he can make it on the show so one of his deepest passions can turn into a lucrative endeavor.