William Acker of Miami University – An Unwavering Loyalty to Jeep Vehicles

William Acker of Miami University sells auto parts for a living. Having quickly become a known expert in the field of auto parts, he has come to learn and know the best factory and aftermarket parts that work the best on his customized and rebuilt Jeep C17, what he considers to be his pride and joy. Acker, who has had an affinity for Jeeps since early on in childhood, continues to tweak and wrench on his beloved off road masterpiece, and to keep his Jeep in the powerful and torque-driven shape in needs to be to cruise through, over and beyond any terrain that stands in his way.

William Acker of Miami University takes considerable pride in his Jeep C17, a vehicle he spent years to rebuild and restore to the condition it is today. Though, as he would say, the vehicle is still a work in progress, the C17 now possesses a brand new steel differential cover, 36” off-road tires, a powerful tow winch and numerous other accessories that have made it the envy of the neighborhood. Originally purchased from a junkyard, the Jeep can escape even the most adverse and sticky of situations, and can take on whatever terrain or conditions Mother Nature happens to throw its way.

Florida, as William Acker of Miami University knows, is loaded with unique and scenic trail systems, providing both him and his C17 multiple opportunities to take on any number of four-wheeling challenges. Now sticking out in orange camouflage paint and shiny steel components located at various points throughout the vehicle’s body, Acker’s Jeep is an intimidating presence amongst even the most daunting and imposing of competitors.