William Acker of Miami University – Steps for Success in Professional Sales

A career in sales wasn’t something that had always been on the mind of William Acker of Miami University, though it has quickly become one his most ardent passions, and is something that continues to push and motivate him to succeed and achieve at the highest of levels. An experienced auto parts sales professional, as well as someone who is quickly moving up the corporate ladder, Acker has quickly found his niche, and continues to pursue his sales career with zeal and enthusiasm.

Below, William Acker of Miami University seeks to share several basic ideas he considers to be the basics of sustainable success in the sales profession.

Get to Know What You’re Selling

Knowing your product inside and out is the best way to make a connection between what you’re selling and the customers you’re selling it to. You are far more likely to captivate your customers’ interest, says Acker, when you can demonstrate expertise of your product.

Know Who You’re Selling To

The only way to best predict what your customers are need, are looking for and what they may be interested in, says William Acker of Miami University, is to get to know them. Understanding the basic needs, backgrounds and more of your customers, as well as taking the time to listen, gives you a better opportunity to complete a successful sale.

Following Up After the Sale

Sales is an ongoing process, meaning it doesn’t immediately end once the customer has walked out the door. Showing your appreciation for a customer’s business, whether that be through an email or postcard, is a great way to remind your customers of their purchase, and to show them they are far more than just a commission.


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