William Acker of Miami University: How to be a Good Salesperson

William Acker of Miami University’s success in sales was not something that was planned from the get go. As a matter, he didn’t decide he wanted to be in sales permanently until after receiving his associate’s degree in history, and realizing that his parallel experience as a sales employee might lead to more lucrative things than his fanatical knowledge of the Civil War. Nonetheless he has thrived in the business world, making his way to become the top salesman in his company while also putting in another four years of education to eventually receive his business degree. Below, William Acker shares some wisdom on how you, too, can become a sales success.

Know Your Product

In-depth research abilities is actually a skill William picked up while studying history, however it is nonetheless relevant in a sales position. Having expert knowledge of your products gives customers faith in your opinions, which is great for up-selling and gaining loyalty.

Know Your Client

Sales is all about being a good people person and that includes being able to make accurate inference about someone based on their mannerisms, appearance, etc. Get to know your clients beyond what is seen on the outside, and you’ll gain an even greater sense of confidence from your customers.

Follow Up

Keeping in touch with clients after making a sale and ensuring that everything meets their standards is a way of telling them that you care and you want them to be satisfied so they will come back. And more times than not, it works.


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