William Acker of Miami University’s Running Lifestyle

Throughout all of his upbringing, William Acker of Miami University displayed high levels of energy and a knack for physical exercise. He had played football, soccer, baseball and basketball in his much younger years, but then developed an affinity for golf at the age of 10. Having transitioned to such a slower pace of sport at such an early age, William still had plenty of energy to burn but no longer had the time to do so through the training schedule of a team sport. He had to find something he could do on his own watch so he could better manage the ability to form a routine. And that’s how William Acker became a runner.

He started going on runs around his neighborhood once a week. Once he had set a solid pace, he then started going to or three times per week. It wasn’t long before he was running every single day. Running was a great conductor of his health, and has given him the toned body shape that he maintains to this day. When he was in college, he participated in leisurely running clubs that did jogs through campus every morning; and through the members of that group William found a way that he could enjoy running while still giving back to his community.

Now, he participates in marathons and races for charities, the outlet for outreach he has always been looking for. He can now do something he loves for the betterment of his community, which gives William Acker great pride.


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