William Acker of Miami University: Golfer by Hobby

William Acker of Miami University has always been an athletic personality, and displayed his skills in football, soccer, baseball and basketball as a kid. While he enjoyed all of them and performed exceptionally well in those sports, he never developed nearly as much passion for them as he did golf. He first played golf when he was ten years old. His father taught him the fundamentals and etiquette of the sport, and William adapted very well.

Since that first lesson, William had become attached to golf, and it wasn’t long before his dad started coming home from work on a daily basis to see his clubs disorganized and tampered with, and his back yard laden with divots made from his son’s wedge training. His dad decided he had enough, and signed William up for a junior golf league at the local country club.

At the time, William had never played golf competitively. But he seemed to take to it quite well. He started winning tournaments and trophies, which boosted his sense of confidence as well as his desire to keep sharpening his skills.
When he went off to college, his love for the sport had taken more of a leisurely role. He played in the Miami Community College’s golf club, but engaged in less competition and mostly just practiced with the squad. He found himself so busy in his academics that he was forced to choose between pursuing life as a professional golfer or salesperson. So he chose to keep his business separate from his pleasure, and is now in sales while still playing golf for fun.


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