William Acker of Miami University: A History Buff

Before William Acker of Miami University was a sales professional, he was obsessed with history, and even had received an associate’s degree in history from a Miami community college before deciding to pursue a bachelor’s in business. Like many things in his life, William Acker thought this to be a separation of business from pleasure; as in, he wanted to make more money and decided his favorite subject might not be the most optimal means to get there.

Nonetheless, William Acker keeps his deepest interests in his pocket, and is always using his knowledge of history to his advantage. His research skills help him in his professional life, as he is perhaps one of the most informed auto parts salesmen in the industry. Not only is his knowledge of brands and parts superior, but he often wows his customers with his knowledge of American history and his ability to draw civil war references whenever appropriate.

As someone who knows how to keep his skills sharp, William Acker continues his history education as part of a daily routine. He often reads history books, to the tune of one or two per month. He also watches Jeopardy, and can answer almost all of the history questions. For the ones that he can’t answer, he writes them down and makes sure to do some extra research on that topic. He hopes that one day he can make it on the show so one of his deepest passions can turn into a lucrative endeavor.


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